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Enabling artists to make a living from their passion.


Critique your fans' art, help them improve and get paid doing so

Our values

The values of our business is the solid ground we stand on. They are that what we can always fall back to when we go off track or feel out of alignment. We kicked-off Swirl by deciding that we are going to build a values based business with a proper foundation.


After listening to pods, reading articles and books, browsing Twitter and researching everything from modern science to stoicism, spirituality and Ancient Greek philosophy we were ready to define our values.

Read about how we defined our values.


Enabling your full mind

Truth & wisdom seeking

Prone towards action


Conscious tech platforms


Give what you can











“It's not hard to make decisions once

you know what your values are”.

- Roy E. Disney


Artists - the humans behind Swirl

We are made up by you, the artists who are using our platform. We are kind of tired of seeing ‘about us’ pages with corporate leadership teams plastered all-over them. At Swirl we are not corporate. We simply see ourselves as human beings providing a tech platform to our fellow human beings.

It is you though, who make our platform come alive. Without you, we would be nothing.

Are you a artist who is looking for new ways to make a living online?


Some of the features

Swirl Studio

Manage your art critique requests from one place. Smoothly answer or skip request, upload response videos, follow your revenue and much more.

Video upload

Upload you video response directly in the Swirl Studio and we take care of delivering it to the requestee.

Art previews

Preview the art before you commit to critique it. If you decide to skip the review we automatically take care of refunding the customer. 

Revenue Dashboard

Easily follow your revenue in a transparent way. 

Dynamic pricing

Set a minimum suggested price. However the customer will always be able to pay more for a more elaborate critique or just to support you a bit extra. 

Request form

Easy to use request form where your fans/followers/students easily can upload their artwork with a note and the payment. 

Transparent fees and costs

Our goal is to increase transparency and leave the largest chunk of the pie possible for you.

We charge an 15% commission including Stripe & Wise transaction fees, with the ambition to lower the fees and costs over time as we grow. 

Ad-free environment

We believe in no ads, no distractions. Your message is what is at the center of attention and what we want your audience to focus on without any third-party distractions.

Feature wishes? ✨

More features are to come, we continuously have conversations with you our artists to learn what features make the most sense to build next.

Do you have feature wishes? Send us an email at